5 Min Stories

Free Kids Story Little Sock - Cover Illustration

Little Sock

Little Sock is lost after washing day. But his friends are here to help!

Short stories for kids - An Autumn Walk - illustration of boy in forest surrounded by leaves

An Autumn Walk

A Dad takes his family for a walk through the forest, to find chestnuts and other natural treasures.

Short story for kids - free picture book - Lory Dory header illustration

Lory Dory

Lory Dory is invisible – but when she paints herself, everyone gets a surprise!

Picture books - Who Is Our Friend - Header illustration of crocodile and bird cleaning teeth

Who Is Our Friend?

You’ll never guess which little friend helps all the other animals in Africa!

Springloaded free picture book without words - header illustration of girl on space


A father and daughter invent a helicopter hat and springloaded shoes.

Cover illustration of feet- Picture books and bedtimes stories for babies - 'what is it'

What Is It?

All the animals are scared of a big shadow that is following them!