Poems for kids

Children’s poems that every child will love

Illustration of happy children for Katherine Mansfield Autumn poem

Autumn Song

The pleasures of childhood in the season of Autumn/ Fall.

Illustration for Katherine Mansfield's 'Butterfly Laughter' - poems for kids

Butterfly Laughter

A sweet poem about a grandmother’s butterfly joke, and sharing special times with family.

Illustration for poems for kids - The Spider by jane Taylor

The Spider

A little girl is frightened by a spider – but her mother gives her a valuable lesson about animals.


A Book of Nonsense

Edward Lear’s nonsense limericks, complete with original vintage illustrations.

Poems for kids - illustration of eye, clock and clouds for Aesop's fables

Baby’s Own Aesop

A collection of Aesop’s fables in short poetry form – along with vintage illustrations.