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Bedtime stories All The Colors of the Rainbow free kids books online header

All The Colors of the Rainbow

Grandma has a very special job – to make Jayda a dress in her favourite colour. But what happens if Jayda can’t choose?

Bedtime stories Ollie is Scared short stories for kids about bullying header

Ollie is Scared

Ollie doesn’t feel like going to school because of some bullies. Luckily his Mom and teacher have a plan…

Bedtime stories Pembral Forgets short stories for kids header

Pembral Forgets

Pembral can’t help but forget things… but will his Mum still love him when he forgets something important?

Bedtime stories Wendi Weathergirl short kids story illustrations - header

Wendi’s Weather Station

Wendi learns how to become a weathergirl… but what will she do when she doesn’t make the right predictions?

short stories for kids The Spaceship bedtime stories header

Space Explorers

When Carlos doesn’t get the birthday present he hoped for, his sister Maya makes sure it’s even better than he could have imagined

Short stories for kids We All Fit In Together bedtime stories header

We All Fit Together

Ms Ryder has her class create a great big artwork that respects their differences… and their togetherness!

Bedtime stories Ghost Mouse short stories for kids header illustration

Ghost Mouse

A mouse is told to fear white mice, until they have a scary encounter with a dog!

Halloween stories Jack O Lantern by Andrea Kaczmarek bedtime stories for kids

Jack O’ Lantern

A (non-scary!) Halloween tale for kids about how Jack O’ Lanterns came about!

Whizzy Roundabout header

The Whizzing Roundabout

Zoey uses a wheelchair, but can’t play on the playground equipment. Her friends are here to help!

bedtime stories Parent Strike short stories for kids header

Parent Strike!

All the parents have gone on strike, and Harry is dealing with a school bully who wants a gourmet salad.

Short stories for kids - The Letter - stories about separation and divorce header

The Letter

Julia’s parents have been fighting downstairs, so she decides to write them a letter.

Short stories for kids Alligator Alley by Artie Knapp bedtime stories

Alligator Alley

When an alligator turns up to a bowling alley, nobody expects what happens next!

Bedtime stories Tails in a Tangle free books for kids header

Tails In A Tangle

Some baby squirrels can’t help but get their bushy tails in a tangle!