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Bedtime stories Billy to the Rescue free kids books header illustration

Billy to the Rescue

Oh no, there’s a fire! But Billy the fire-truck doesn’t want to get dirty!

Bedtime stories Young or Old free kids books header illustration

Young or Old?

Sometimes this boy is too young to do things, and sometimes he’s too old! What’s a kid to do?

Bedtime stories This Rabbit by Clancy Easter tales for kids header

This Rabbit

All these rabbits know what they like to do best. What do YOU like to do?

Bedtime stories Smelly Simha free kids books online header illustration

Smelly Simha

Simha won’t take a bath and is SMELLY! But some fleas who love to party are about to make him think twice!

bedtime stories I Wish short stories for kids header illustration

I Wish

Primus wakes up one morning and wishes he was someone else…

Bedtime Stories I Spy Free Books Online header illustration

I Spy!

Sania is having a birthday party! And it’s a good time to practice her subtraction!

Bedtime stories O Rain Come free books for kids header

O Rain Come

On a hot, hot day, some children long for rain…

Bedtime stories Yapo Saves the Day free books for kids header

Yapo Saves The Day

Yapo really wants to score a goal… but will he pass it to his team-mate when the going gets tough?

Lemon Fish Is Sour

The sea-creatures are all playing happily, until a dark shadow of plastic appears…

Bedtime stories A Day Out free books for kids header

A Day Out

A family visits the beach for the day, and have a great time!

Bedtime stories EGG free books for kids header


Whose egg is this? All the animals are about to find out!