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Bedtime stories Ghost Mouse short stories for kids header illustration

Ghost Mouse

A mouse is told to fear white mice, until they have a scary encounter with a dog!

Bedtime stories Crepe Louise by Jade Maitre free books for kids

Crepe Louise!

Louise sneaks into her mother’s magic kitchen… and becomes TINY!

Short stories for kids - The Letter - stories about separation and divorce header

The Letter

Julia’s parents have been fighting downstairs, so she decides to write them a letter.

Funny bedtime stories Martins Flute short stories for kids illustration

Martin’s Flute

All Martin has to do is practice his flute in the yard… but it’s going to take a lot of focus!


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Bedtime stories Olive Stays In free books for kids coronavirus COVID19 cover

اولیو در خانه می‌ماند

مدرسه اولیو تعطیل شده و او و خانواده‌اش باید در خانه بمانند… کتاب کمکی برای والدین برای صحبت درباره ویروس کرونا.

Bedtime stories When the Fires Came header 1

When the Fires Came

A story about a friendship between a fire-fighter and his dog during the Australian bushfires.

French fairy tales The Yellow Dwarf by the Countess d'Aulnoy

The Yellow Dwarf

A yellow dwarf forces a queen and her daughter to make a promise they cannot keep…

Fairy tales The Elfin Knight Halloween stories for kids illustration

The Elfin Knight

Lady Janet acts courageously to rescue her True Love from a fairy queen’s grasp.