Beach and Sea

Read the best free kids stories about going to the beach, swimming, surfing and the seaside!

Lemon Fish Is Sour

The sea-creatures are all playing happily, until a dark shadow of plastic appears…

Bedtime stories A Day Out free books for kids header

A Day Out

A family visits the beach for the day, and have a great time!

Free phonics books Dream of the Sea learn to read header

Dream of the Sea

Dean has a dream of the sea… learn to read the long ‘e’ sound with our free phonics book!

Bedtime stories Tiny Mermaid short stories for kids about environment header

Tiny Mermaid

Tiny Mermaid discovers an island of plastic that is hurting her ocean friends.

Bedtime Stories Lesedis Sandbox short stories for kids header

Lesedi’s Sandbox

Lesedi dreams of visiting the beach, so his parents make him a sandbox to dream in…