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Christmas bedtime stories Xmas Cracker short stories for kids header

Christmas Crackers!

Christopher the Elf thinks that children don’t like Christmas crackers… Santa wants to prove him wrong!

Xmas bedtime stories Christmas Biscuits short stories for kids header illustration

Christmas Biscuits

Grandma teaches her grandchildren about the German Christmas tradition of making sweet biscuits.

Christmas stories Santa's beanbag sleeping illustration sleeping

Santa’s Beanbag

Just exactly what does Santa do right after Christmas? You’ll never guess!

Bedtime Stories for COVID Xmas | Dear Santa | Poems for Kids

Dear Santa

Mia writes a poem to Santa about the importance of washing his hands, wearing a mask and social distancing in Christmas 2020.

Poems for Kids Christmas Elves Bedtime Story header illustration

Christmas Elves

A poem about Christmas elves, snug wintery fun, and the importance of kindness at Christmas.

Fairy tales Santa Never Forgets Christmas bedtime stories header illustration

Santa Never Forgets!

Little Bertie never remembers to do anything his mother asks him. Until one Christmas, Santa forgets!

Christmas bedtime stories for kids Santa's Scarves and Sweaters header illustration

Santa’s Scarves and Sweaters

Santa buys all his friends the same presents every year. But what happens when his friends don’t quite like what they receive?

Illustration of wolves in snow for children's poem Frost

The Frost

The winter frost changes everything it touches – for better and for worse!

Illustration of Scrooge for A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol

The classic Christmas story of the value of generosity, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.