Fairy Tales The White Doe by Countess dAulnoy bedtime stories

The White Doe

A Princess, by enchantment, transforms into a white doe. Will true love prevail and help her break the spell?

French fairy tales Prince Ariel by Countess dAulnoy Storyberries

Prince Ariel

A prince has a red hat that makes him invisible, and uses it to pursue Love.

French fairy tales The Blue Bird by Countess d'Aulnoy

The Blue Bird

A pair of lovers are separated when a king is turned into a blue bird.

Fairy tales The Elfin Knight Halloween stories for kids illustration

The Elfin Knight

Lady Janet acts courageously to rescue her True Love from a fairy queen’s grasp.

French fairy tales The golden branch Madame dAulnoy

The Golden Branch

A betrothed couple discover beauty and love in this magical adventure.

Fairy Tales illustration Prince Darling by Andrew Lang

Prince Darling

A prince learns how to have empathy with the help of a fairy and a ring.

French Fairy Tales illustration Babiole monkey Madame dAulnoy


A Princess is turned into a monkey called Babiole by a wicked fairy’s spell.

Fairy Tales Yallery Brown illustration

Yallery Brown

Tom is cursed by a creature when he asks for help with his chores.

Fairy Tales illustration My Own Self stories for kids

My Own Self

It is hard to go to bed, but with the help of a fairy anything can happen!

Poems for Kids Christmas Elves Bedtime Story header illustration

Christmas Elves

A poem about Christmas elves, snug wintery fun, and the importance of kindness at Christmas.