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English Fairy Tales Gobborn Seer by Joseph Jacobs short stories for kids

Gubbon Seer

A witty wife helps her husband solve his problems in all sorts of sticky situations!

Fairy Tales The Monkey's Heart short stories for kids

The Monkey’s Heart

A crocodile’s pregnant wife craves a monkey’s heart… but monkeys are much too smart!

French fairy tales Prince Ariel by Countess dAulnoy Storyberries

Prince Ariel

A prince has a red hat that makes him invisible, and uses it to pursue Love.

French fairy tales The Blue Bird by Countess d'Aulnoy

The Blue Bird

A pair of lovers are separated when a king is turned into a blue bird.

French fairy tales The Yellow Dwarf by the Countess d'Aulnoy

The Yellow Dwarf

A yellow dwarf forces a queen and her daughter to make a promise they cannot keep…

English fairy tales The Little Weed short stories for kids cover illustration

The Little Weed

A little weed feels worthless, until it helps some hungry birds.

Fairy tales The Norka adventure stories for kids

The Norka

A young prince battles the Norka and wins the love of a Princess.

Fairy Tales for Kids The Anxious Leaf short stories for children

The Anxious Leaf

A little leaf is afraid to fall to the ground, but comes to find comfort in the cycles of life.

Fairy tales The Weed autumn stories for kids

The Weeds

The breeze helps some flowering weeds spread their seeds.

Fairy tales The Elfin Knight Halloween stories for kids illustration

The Elfin Knight

Lady Janet acts courageously to rescue her True Love from a fairy queen’s grasp.