English Fairy Tales

Read famous fairy tales stories from England – the best English fairy tales for kids and adults!

English Fairy Tales Gobborn Seer by Joseph Jacobs short stories for kids

Gubbon Seer

A witty wife helps her husband solve his problems in all sorts of sticky situations!

English fairy tales The Little Weed short stories for kids cover illustration

The Little Weed

A little weed feels worthless, until it helps some hungry birds.

Fairy tales The Blinded Giant by Joseph Jacobs

The Blinded Giant

A giant keeps Jack prisoner for seven years… until finally he makes his escape!

Fairy Tales illustration Prince Darling by Andrew Lang

Prince Darling

A prince learns how to have empathy with the help of a fairy and a ring.

Fairy Tales The Six Sillies story illustration

The Six Sillies

A young man wants to marry a silly girl… but must find three sillier people first!

Fairy Tales illustration Three Feathers story for kids

Three Feathers

The story of a bird husband, his wife, and three magical feathers.

Fairy Tales Yallery Brown illustration

Yallery Brown

Tom is cursed by a creature when he asks for help with his chores.

Fairy Tales illustration My Own Self stories for kids

My Own Self

It is hard to go to bed, but with the help of a fairy anything can happen!

Fairy tales illustration for bedtime story The Old Witch

The Old Witch

Two sisters seek their fortune – but only one of them is helpful to others.

Fairy Tales illustration Mr Vinegar

Mr Vinegar

A funny old man goes to the market to buy a cow, and ends up with nothing at all!

Fairy tales illustration for English fairy tale Tom Tit Tot

Tom Tit Tot

A fairy tale where a poor Queen is forced to discover a magical imp’s name.

Illustration for Tom Thumb short stories for kids eating breakfast

The Tale of Tom Thumb

Tom Thumb is a boy the size of a thumb – imagine what adventures he has! Reading time: 10 mins.