Bedtime stories Pembral Forgets short stories for kids header

Pembral Forgets

Pembral can’t help but forget things… but will his Mum still love him when he forgets something important?

short stories for kids The Spaceship bedtime stories header

Space Explorers

When Carlos doesn’t get the birthday present he hoped for, his sister Maya makes sure it’s even better than he could have imagined

Bedtime stories Bastien's Apple Salad by Jade Maitre header

Bastien’s Apple Salad

Bastien loves making a mess in the kitchen! Today he’s making his own special creation for his family…

bedtime stories Parent Strike short stories for kids header

Parent Strike!

All the parents have gone on strike, and Harry is dealing with a school bully who wants a gourmet salad.

Short stories for kids - The Letter - stories about separation and divorce header

The Letter

Julia’s parents have been fighting downstairs, so she decides to write them a letter.

bedtime stories illustration for Turtle tale short stories for kids

The Shell Shocked Turtle

A little turtle is frightened of everything! But with the help of his sister, he learns to conquer his fears.

Bedtime Stories Busy Mother Hen Free Books Online header illustration

Busy Mother Hen

A Mother Hen (almost!) misses out on a fair while she waits to hatch her chicks!

Bedtime Stories I Love My Mom Free Books Online header illustration

I Love My Mom

A little girl’s story about how she learns from her mother.

Bedtime Stories Too Many Faces by Jade Maitre header 2

Too Many Faces !

Percy loves pulling faces… until one day the unthinkable happens!