Bedtime Stories I Spy Free Books Online header illustration

I Spy!

Sania is having a birthday party! And it’s a good time to practice her subtraction!

Christmas bedtime stories Xmas Cracker short stories for kids header

Christmas Crackers!

Christopher the Elf thinks that children don’t like Christmas crackers… Santa wants to prove him wrong!

Bedtime Stories Adriana Chocolate Princess short stories for kids header

Adriana Chocolate Princess

Adriana doesn’t want her mother to tell her she is sweet like chocolate. But all her friends are just as sweet as she is!

Short stories for kids We All Fit In Together bedtime stories header

We All Fit Together

Ms Ryder has her class create a great big artwork that respects their differences… and their togetherness!

Bedtime stories Ghost Mouse short stories for kids header illustration

Ghost Mouse

A mouse is told to fear white mice, until they have a scary encounter with a dog!

Whizzy Roundabout header

The Whizzing Roundabout

Zoey uses a wheelchair, but can’t play on the playground equipment. Her friends are here to help!

Bedtime stories The Elephant Who Cried Mouse short stories for kids

The Elephant Who Cried Mouse!

Ronald the Elephant loves to frighten his family by calling “MOUSE!”. But what happens when they stop believing him?

Bedtime stories The New Road Short Stories for Kids header

The New Road

Some children are worried about the insects when a new road is built.

Bedtime stories Rusty and Me free kids books online header

Rusty and Me

A boy is best friends with Rusty the Bus, but one day he gets a little bit jealous…

Bedtime Stories and Free Phonics Books The Big Pink Pig

The Big Pink Pig

Pig is friends with a Gorilla who loves vanilla! Learn to read the letter ‘i’ with this free phonics early reader!