Bedtime stories My Little Garden free books for kids header

My Little Garden

Use your imagination to tell the story in this wordless picture book about creating a garden with Dad.

Bedtime stories Wendi Weathergirl short kids story illustrations - header

Wendi’s Weather Station

Wendi learns how to become a weathergirl… but what will she do when she doesn’t make the right predictions?

Bedtime stories Arthur and the Fox free books online header

Arthur and the Fox

Arthur meets a fox in the forest, who teaches him to be in the moment with nature.

English fairy tales The Little Weed short stories for kids cover illustration

The Little Weed

A little weed feels worthless, until it helps some hungry birds.

Bedtime Stories Too Many Faces by Jade Maitre header 2

Too Many Faces !

Percy loves pulling faces… until one day the unthinkable happens!

Fairy Tales for Kids The Anxious Leaf short stories for children

The Anxious Leaf

A little leaf is afraid to fall to the ground, but comes to find comfort in the cycles of life.

Fairy tales The Weed autumn stories for kids

The Weeds

The breeze helps some flowering weeds spread their seeds.

Bedtime stories for babies Toast header illustration


Some naughty animals on baby’s picnic want her toast!

Illustration for poem for kids The Sugarplum Tree by Eugene Field

The Sugar Plum Tree

A sweet poem to send children off to dreams… to a land of candy, lollies and sugar.

Poems for kids Bird Song by Laura Elizabeth Richards illustration

Bird Song

A poem about the different songs of birds, and what they might mean to a careful listener.

Bedtime stories - Johnny Townmouse by Beatrix Potter - header

Johnny Townmouse

Timmy Willie lives in the country. Johnny Town-mouse lives in the city. Which do you think is better?