Classic Children’s Poems

Read the most beautiful poems for kids as you enjoy classic poetry at bedtime, here at Storyberries.

Poems for kids Singing by Robert Louis Stevenson


A poem about how singing unites people and animals around the world.

Poems for kids WIndy Nights by Robert Louis Stevenson

Windy Nights

A child imagines a windy night as a rider on a galloping horse…

Poems for kids Foreign Lands by Robert Louis Stevenson

Foreign Lands

A child climbs a cherry tree and beholds a land of wonder…

Poems for kids - Night Thoughts by Robert Louis Stevenson

Young Night-Thought

A child imagines all sorts of fantastical creatures who bring children to sleep!

Thanksgiving poems for kids Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie

A delicious pumpkin pie is prepared for a Thanksgiving feast!

Poems for kids The Glugs of Gosh by CJ Dennis cover illustration

The Glugs of Gosh

The enchanting poem about the Glugs who live in Gosh, a land of adventures and magic.

Illustration for kids poem Japanese lullaby by Eugene Field

Japanese Lullaby

A soft bedtime lullaby from Eugene Field, inspired by Japanese imagery.

Illustration of storm for kids poem Norse Lullaby by Eugene Field

Norse Lullaby

A stormy, rainy lullaby for children who love natural drama.

Illustration for kids poem The Flyaway Horse by Eugene Field

The Fly-Away Horse

A bedtime lullaby about a magical flying horse that takes children to dreams…

Illustration for lullaby poem for kids The Dream Ship by Eugene Field

The Dream Ship

A lullaby about a ghostly ship that tosses dreams from its side.