Funny Poems

Read funny poems for kids – children’s poetry guaranteed to tickle your funny bone!

poems for kids Four Seasons by Templeton Moss childrens funny poetry

Four Seasons

A series of four short kids poems about the four seasons of the year!

Poems for kids Patch La Belle by Sue Clancy header

Patch La Belle

A collection of funny and sweet children’s poems by beloved artist Sue Clancy.

Poems for Kids Pollys Pies funny bedtime stories header illustration

Polly’s Pies

Hundreds of pies keep arriving at the door… could it be Polly?

Poems for kids Elephant Followed Me Home funny poetry illustration

Followed Me Home

A poor kid just can’t get an elephant to stop following them home!

Poems for kids Bubblegum First Things First illiustration

First Things First

Have you ever wondered who was the first person to try all the things in the world?

Funny Poems for Kids Camera Shy Illustration

Camera Shy

What happens when a photo Mum’s got of you is the WORST?!

Poems for Kids Ouch Illustration


All bad kinds of things happen when you run into a door!

Poems for kids Clocks by Phoebe Coghlan illustration


All the clocks can’t agree on who is the best!