Poems for kids

Children’s poems that every child will love

Illustration for animated narrated kids poem Take Your Pick

Take Your Pick

A passionate appeal in poetry about why picking your nose just isn’t that bad…

Illustration of dandelion in wind for vintage kids poem Friendship


A poem about friendship in nature.

Rathers poem for kids header illustration


A poem about imagining to be someone (or something!) else.

Illustration for the Christina Rossetti poem for kids Caterpillar


A poem to a caterpillar by Christina Rossetti.

Thackeray At The Zoo Poems for Kids Illustration

At The Zoo

A poem about the animals at the Zoo – and one kind in particular!

Illustration of children- poems for kids - Escape at Bedtime

Escape at Bedtime

A child escapes bed, and discovers a night-time delight in the garden.