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Poems for kids Patch La Belle by Sue Clancy header

Patch La Belle

A collection of funny and sweet children’s poems by beloved artist Sue Clancy.

Bedtime stories Bastien's Apple Salad by Jade Maitre header

Bastien’s Apple Salad

Bastien loves making a mess in the kitchen! Today he’s making his own special creation for his family…

Bedtime stories Crepe Louise by Jade Maitre free books for kids

Crepe Louise!

Louise sneaks into her mother’s magic kitchen… and becomes TINY!

Poems for kids Cone Head by Arden Davidson

Cone Head

Sometimes the biggest icecream ever can be a real pain in the stomach!

Bedtime stories The Great Cake Contest illustration

The Great Cake Contest

Lucky’s trying to think of a good cake to win the cake competition… but everyone has the same ideas!

Bedtime stories for babies Toast header illustration


Some naughty animals on baby’s picnic want her toast!

Funny poems for kids illustration for poem The Bean Scene

The Bean Scene

Not all beans are the same! What’s YOUR favourite kind of bean?